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Hello, I'm Fai!

I'll be posting my translations here. It'll be mostly Enstars for now, though I may be translating A3! stuffs in the future. My sources are in Chinese since I can't read Japanese lol. Please do not hesitate to correct me if there's any errors! I don't know what else to type here lol, I'll fill in more stuffs here in the future~
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Midori: Haah… It’s so cold…


Midori: (Morisawa-senpai, Hakaze-senpai… and Anzu-senpai has arrived at the location while we haven’t. So they told us to gather here…)


Midori: (To be honest, I really don’t want to go out because it’s so cold outside… I just want to kill time in a heated room… Should I escape the cold in that restaurant?...)


Midori: (But everyone has agreed on a meeting location… It’s rude if I’m the only one late, and I don’t want that.)




Koga: … Ah-CHOO!


Koga: Ugh, why aren’t they here yet~ And why are we meeting in an open place? We’ll get cold~


Midori: (That guy leaning on the lamppost must be Oogami-senpai… He’s sneezing and he looks like he has been waiting for long.)


Midori: (Should I say hello? But how should I greet him…?)


Midori: (Something like “Hello, it’s cold out here again.”?)


Midori: (… But that conversation won’t last long, I can leave the talking to others, but it seems like Oogami-senpai is the only one here.)


Midori: (I hope everyone else are here… If I know this would happen, I would’ve asked to meet Morisawa-senpai earlier…)


Midori: (I can avoid being alone with Oogami-senpai that way…)


Midori: (It’s not that I hate him, but I’m bad at talking, and I’m not confident that I can carry the conversation…)


Koga: Haah? You’re that beanstalk~ Why are you standin’ around here for? Did you forget something?


Midori: Ah, n-no…, that’s not it… Uhm, you’re here early.


Koga: Better early than late.


Koga: But I can’t see Anzu around~ She’s always earlier than everyone else, so this isn’t like her at all. Maybe she’s late because of the snow.


Midori: There’s snowflakes dropping around…


Midori: There’s snow on your head. Do you want to drink something warm while waiting in that restaurant…?


Koga: I really want to do that, but I think it won’t be practical to wait inside that restaurant.


Koga: They’ve told us to wait outside, so we should wait for everyone else to arrive before heading inside.


Midori: Ah, so you feel embarrassed to head in there yourself. I get it, that restaurant is too classy for us high schoolers, so it feels awkward to go there, right…?


Koga: You bastard, are you lookin’ down on me? I ain’t afraid of going there by myself~


Midori: Hmmm, I think I’ve made him angry… Please calm down, Oogami-senpai… Ah-choo!


Koga: … Tch. Wait here, you bastard. Get it? Don’t even move an inch there.


Midori: O-ok…


Midori: (Where is Oogami-senpai going? It doesn’t seem like he’s heading inside the restaurant…)


Midori: (Is he heading back because he’s unhappy...? Is that my fault? If it is, I’m feeling gloomy…)


Koga: You giant dummy~!


Midori: Huh? … Ah, are you calling me? You just called me beanstalk and giant dummy~ The truth is, I don’t want to grow so tall.


Koga: What are you mumbling about? Is hot coffee ok? You better drink this now.


Midori: Eh? Eh…? Did you buy this for me?


Koga: I don’t know what you like, so I just picked a drink at random~ I’ll drink it if you don’t want to.


Midori: Ah, no. It’s ok, I’ll drink it…


Midori: (Uwahh, so he’s actually taking care of me… He must’ve bought a drink for me because I was sneezing earlier and looked very cold.)


Midori: (Oogami-senpai was here earlier than me, so he must’ve felt colder than me…)


Midori: (He’s concerned for me even though I’m in Ryuseitai instead of UNDEAD…)


Midori: (And I mistakenly thought he’s heading home because he’s angry… Although “UNDEAD” looks scary at first glance, their actual personalities are surprisingly very different from their appearance.)




Midori: (Ahhh… It’s so warm… ♪)


Midori: (Although it’s nice to wait inside a heated room, drinking something hot feels relaxing too… I’m so happy… ♪)


Koga: Hmmph, you look so happy.


Midori: Oh, sorry… I haven’t thanked you yet, I’m so sorry…


Midori: I can’t just be the one being helped here, should I go buy you a drink too…?


Koga: No need~ I won’t shiver in weather like this~


Midori: But didn’t you just sneeze really loudly earlier?


Koga: N-no! I was just encouraging myself, I wasn’t sneezing at all~!


Midori: Ah, is that so… Anyway, why is everyone else so late…? Could the snow delayed the trains and caused them to be late…?


Koga: I’m more worried about that vampire bastard~ Though I’m suspecting whether he can wake up or not.


Koga: Lately he asks Anzu to push him in his coffin over, but it’s not good to let her do that kind of strenuous activity.


Koga: Even if he walks over, he could’ve slipped over the snow. It’s gonna be troublesome if he fainted elsewhere.


Midori: I didn’t know you’re the type to worry a lot…


Midori: Hmm? Is that Anzu-senpai pushing a coffin over?


Midori: Hey~ Anzu-senpai…?


Koga: Hey! Don’t rush over with that coffin! You’re gonna crash if you can’t stop!


Koga: Wait, so it’s ok to carry the coffin inside? … Oh, it’s ok because you’ve already told the restaurant’s staff in advance?


Koga: That vampire bastard seems to prefer this coffin lately, is it really that comfortable to sleep inside this coffin?


Koga: Didn’t you also get such a nice sleep?


Koga: Haah? You’re asking me if I wanna try sleeping inside there? Isn’t the vampire bastard already sleeping inside? Won’t it be a tight fit with two people inside together?


Koga: Ah whatever. Now that’s left Adonis and Hakaze-senpai… Oh, speak of the devil, the other Ryuseitai members are here


Midori: (Time seems to pass by especially slowly when I was alone with Oogami-senpai…)


Midori: (But the time actually passed by rather quickly. Maybe I was too feeling too concerned. Anyway, it’s good to have everyone here…

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Kaoru: Hmm~ Is it my imagination or there’s a sound of wheels rolling?


Koga: What’s wrong, Hakaze-senpai? Has your hearing worsen… Huh?


Koga: I can hear that too. There seems to be some kinda activity outside of the cafe, I can hear many people saying things like “There’s a coffin!”.


Koga: … Tch, hey! Is that the vampire bastard~?!


Kaoru: Hoho, please calm down, Koga.


Kaoru: I can’t see clearly from here~ There’s a coffin and… Anzu. Yup, that’s definitely Anzu




Kaoru: Yahoo, Anzu. I’m so lucky to be seeing you again after meeting you yesterday


Kaoru: Sakuma must be inside the coffin you’re pulling around.


Kaoru: How could he ask a weak girl to carry his coffin while he sleeps in it~?


Kaoru: Sakuma~ Are you listening? Hmm~… He looks like he’s dead. There’s no sign of him getting up no matter how many times I knock on the coffin.


Koga: Haah~. I think he said that this coffin can shut off all external sounds when you close the lid.


Koga: Hey, wake up! Quit troubling others~ Get up now!


Rei: *Yawn*… Don’t wake me up so roughly. There’s nothing I hate more than being rudely awake when I’m sleeping so nicely.


Koga: You’re the one who gathered us here and yet you arrived so late. And you even dragged Anzu along!


Koga: You too Anzu, stop being so nice and spoiling this vampire bastard~


 Koga: You’re a producer, not a nanny. You don’t need to worry about every little thing.


Koga: And stop bugging Anzu, you vampire bastard. You shouldn’t have asked a girl to drag your coffin around!


Koga: If you’ve got no choice, I can drag you along!


Rei: Fufufu, you told me not to rely on others, and yet you’re offering to help me.


Rei: Ah well, even Kaoru has gathered at my order.


Rei: Lately Kaoru doesn’t need girls to be motivated to work hard, it has been a great help


Rei: Alright, let’s get to the main topic. I’ve gathered everyone here for a reason. We’re here to discuss about our upcoming MV shoot.


Rei: The “Starlight Festival” was held a few days ago.


Rei: Little miss Anzu has told me about the song needed for the MV.


Rei: And there are other “units” aside from UNDEAD that will be shooting MVs too.


Rei: There’s no Dream Festival right now, so they want to complete all the “units” “Starlight Festival” MV shoot by year end.


Rei: “Ryuseitai” will be shooting their MV on the same day as us, so the little miss would like us both to do the shooting together.


 Rei: And that’s why she’s here with us today.


Rei: And she’s not here because I use her as my transporter, do you understand?


Kaoru: Aaah I see, I get it.


Kaoru: Anzu has told me about the MV shoot yesterday. What do you think about that?


Rei: I’ve discussed with “Ryuseitai” earlier, and the location is at a downtown restaurant.


Rei: Little miss Anzu has given me the restaurant’s brochure, and the location’s atmosphere fits the songs from “Starlight Festival”.


Rei: It’s originally the venue for Morisawa’s bounenkai, and we don’t have to pay a single dime since the student committee has given us the money for the shoot.


Rei: If we didn’t cooperate with Ryuseitai, we still have to look for a location for the shoot and it’ll be troublesome to acquire the budget as well. So I think it’ll be more cost-effective to do the shoot with them.


 Kaoru: I agree with Sakuma~?


Kaoru: Yes, Anzu? Ah I see. Since both we and Ryuseitai has agreed to collaborate together, shall we continue with the planning?


Kaoru: And since we’ve done discussing that, do you want to eat anything, Anzu?


Kaoru: You must’ve worked hard yesterday and today. So eating sweets when you’re tired is the best


Kaoru: I’ve ordered pancakes~ If you like pancakes, do you want me to feed you?


Kaoru: No? Ahaha, I got rejected.


Koga: … Hakaze-senpai seems abnormally energetic with Anzu around?


Koga: Huh, Anzu? You’re saying my pilaf looks good? Didn’t you eat lunch? That can’t be helped. I’ll let you have a bite


Kaoru: Eh~ You’ve sat beside Koga before I can invite you to sit beside me.


Kaoru: Although this is a sofa, but it must be crowded with two guys and a girl sitting together, right? Come sit beside me~


Rei: Hmmhmm…


Kaoru: Nonono, why are you sitting beside me, Sakuma? I’m inviting Anzu to sit here, guys aren’t allowed.


Rei: That’s stingy of you. You’re hogging an entire sofa to yourself, so you shouldn’t complain if I sit here.


Rei: Alright, I want to order a drink…  Hmm, I’ll have tomato juice.


Rei: Little miss seems to want to order something too. Kaoru, call the waiter over…


Kaoru: Alright alright, since you’re already getting comfortable there. Excuse me~ We would like to make an order.


Adonis: Eat some meat, Anzu. I have steak burger here, eat more and grow more.


 Koga: Stop advising people on what to do… It’s fine if she orders a fruit parfait like you, right?


Koga: You won’t get unwanted concern if you guys ate the same thing~


Adonis: But if I drag Anzu along…


Adonis: I see, so you want fruit parfait too. That’s one of this cafe's signature dishes, so the taste is guaranteed.


Adonis: The banana parfait is very delicious. Bananas are nutritious and easy filling too.


Rei: Hmm. They are having a rather heated discussion over parfait. Should I talk about something sweet too?


Kaoru: Sweet talk? That doesn’t suit your style, Sakuma.


Kaoru: And I’m satisfied just with these pancakes…

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Koga: I see, so this is the cafe that Adonis recommended?

Koga: I was wondering what kind of place it is since you insisted on not telling me. But it looks just like an ordinary place~!

Adonis: Please keep your voice down, Oogami. We can’t stay here for long if we get noticed.

Koga: Tch, why’s a tall and huge guy like you so bothered over something trivial? Nobody’s staring at us~ If you’re worried, just hide behind me.

Adonis: I’m very happy that you care for me, but you can’t completely shield me.

Koga: Haah? Are you callin’ me short? Do you wanna fight? I can fight you!

Adonis: Calm down, Oogami. You’ll attract attention by being loud, I can’t continue living if I get banned from here…

Koga: I-is this place that important to you? Anyway, you’ve been looking around for a while, did you see someone you know?

Adonis: The ones who know about this cafe are Tenma… And Arashi.

Adonis: Though there may be others who know about this cafe, it should be relatively unknown at Yumenosaki. So the chances of bumping into someone we know is rather low.

Koga: Then you don’t have to be so sneaky here~

Adonis: …I’m a frequent customer here. The staff here are very familiar with me and they’ll ask “Would you like a fruit parfait?” the moment they see me.

Adonis: But I’ve never come here with others before. There’s four of us today with Oogami, Hakaze-senpai, and Sakuma-senpai who’ll be here soon.

Adonis: I don’t know how to react if the staff smile and say “Oh, you’re here with your friends today?”.

Adonis: I don’t know it’s because it’s strange for me to eat sweets, so I’m always feeling concerned. That’s why I feel guilty for dragging you guys here.

Koga: Geez, you… So that’s your concern? You’re such a worrywart.

Koga: Hey, Adonis. You’re a frequent customer here, so you should know what’s the yummiest choices are, right? Which is the best?

Adonis: Is this ok, Oogami? People will think we’re close friends.

Koga: We aren’t close buddies or whatever~ But we’re still partners, right?

Koga: Come on, you’re giving the staff trouble if you just sit over there. The staffs has been glancing at us nonstop too, so hurry up and order ♪

Kaoru: …

Kaoru: (It feels like Adonis and Koga are getting along very well~ Although I can join them too, I don’t want to interrupt their close friendship.)

Kaoru: (I wonder why? I used to dislike those brats, but lately I’ve started to think that they’re a little adorable.)

Kaoru: (And I’ve been uncharacteristically devoted to work… and take part in jobs when asked my Sakuma.)

Kaoru: (If my old self from spring were to see me right now, he’ll suspect that something’s wrong with me and think that I’m down with fever.)

Kaoru: (Even so… I don’t dislike my present self at all.)

Kaoru: Excuse me~ I would like a cup of coffee and pancakes, please~

Koga: Pancakes? You bastard~ You’re still eating pancakes?

Kaoru: Hmm? Haven’t I told you my favourite food before? I love pancakes, especially the ones with lots of maple syrup ♪

Koga: You bastard~ You have a sweet tooth like Adonis too… Sugary sweets makes me nose go crazy, and this entire cafe is full of that smell.

Kaoru: Well, many customers here orders sweets like parfait.

Kaoru: Half of the food items on the menu here are sweets, I guess this cafe specialises in sweets?

Kaoru: Speaking of that, our orders are here. The fruit parfait should be Adonis’s. This pilaf is yours right, Koga?

Koga: Yeah, that’s right. Hakaze…. senpai, here’s your coffee and pancakes. There’s ice cream on top too, can you eat all these sweet stuffs?

Kaoru: Mixing melted ice cream with pancake is what makes this dessert interesting ♪

Kaoru: It’s too bad wanko don’t understand how good is it to eat this way~?

Kaoru: …

Koga: …? Why are you staring outside? Is the vampire bastard here?

Kaoru: Nah, Sakuma isn’t here yet. I just can’t help but think “Winter’s here” when I see the snow on trees.

Koga: Haah? It has been snowing nonstop since Christmas season~ Are you feeling sentimental over some snow?

Kaoru: Ahaha, Looks like it’s hard for you to understand wabi-sabi and art~ (1)

Kaoru: You’ve always like lively places, I wonder what happens when you’re at a quiet place?

Koga: Quit this nonsense talk~ You frivolous guy.

Kaoru: How mean of you to call me frivolous. Lately I’ve been taking things seriously. You can see me attending classes, and I didn’t skip or laze around during work. I’ve been working hard, you know.

Koga: Why are you boasting about doing stuffs that everyone else can do~ You should’ve done something more impressive if you wanna be proud.

Kaoru: Ahaha, that’s a harsh criticism. Although you look like a bad guy, you’re actually good and serious kid.

Kaoru: You surely dislike and can’t tolerate a frivolous and superficial person like me.

Kaoru: However, I have my own tempo too. Let me chase after you a little by little, I’ll be embarrassed if I’m out of breath while trying to catch up with everyone else.

Kaoru: Mmm, this is nice and sweet. But it seems to be missing something.

Adonis: Is it not to your liking? I quite like sweets like this as they make me feel happy.

Kaoru: Ah, the taste is nice. I can’t help but want to frequent here more because the menu suits my appetite.

Kaoru: But the person who can make these pancakes taste nicer isn’t here.

Koga: C-could it be… That vampire bastard~? You actually like that vampire bastard so much?!

Kaoru: No, no, no! That’s a terrifying misunderstand you got there…!

Kaoru: I’m talking about Anzu.

Kaoru: The atmosphere here will be different with a girl around. The sweetness of these pancakes is lacking when there’s just a bunch of smelly dudes together.

Koga: I-I see. Geez, don’t frighten me~

Kaoru: I’M the one who’s shocked here… Hmm~ You have a pretty strong imagination, Koga.

Kaoru: What kind of lesson has Sakuma put you into? As your master, he must properly teach you~?

Note: (1) Wabi-sabi is a type of Japanese art that focuses on the beauty of imperfection. You read more at Wikipedia here.

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Kaoru: This restaurant isn’t bad, Moricchi. As expected from a place chosen by Anzu~

Chiaki: Mm-hmm. The atmosphere and food are perfect too! I plan to gather everyone tomorrow to inform them about the date and venue of the bounenkai.

Chiaki: Hmm? When will the bounenkai be?

Chiaki: Of course, we plan to have it during New Year’s Eve… Hmm, even without checking the schedule there shouldn’t be any other plans on that day.

Chiaki: “Starlight Festival”? Hmm, the songs from “Starlight Festival” needs to be made into an MV. And the date of the photoshoot is just as big as the bounenkai, right?

Kaoru: Speaking of that, is UNDEAD the same too? I haven’t told Sakuma yet, but UNDEAD needs to do an MV shoot as well.

Kaoru: It seems like all the “units” that appeared in “Starlight Festival” have to shoot MVs.

Kaoru: There are many participating “units”, so it feels like the time will fly by if all “units” will shoot their MVs by the end of this year.

Kaoru: The dream festival will be held after New Year’s, so you want to complete the shoot during school holidays when the dream festival won’t be held and celebrate New Year’s without worries, right?

Chiaki: Well if that’s the case, completing the shoot will be harder. Well, we have no choice but to stagger our bounenkai…

Chiaki: Hmm? You seem to have an idea, Anzu.

Chiaki: I’m fine with waiting until tomorrow afternoon… Ok, I get it. I have something to tell them, so I’ll gather everyone as well.

[Audio-visual room]

Chiaki: Thank you for coming, everyone! I’m so happy…☆

Chiaki: You told everyone to gather in the audio-visual room for an important announcement, and we can’t ignore you.

Tetora: “Starlight Festival” has ended and we’re free right now, so we’ll happily take up any jobs.

Tetora: What kind of job is it? Is it the manly job you mentioned earlier? ~ ♪

Kanata: Eh~ I’m “not good” with hard “work”. Being “called out” during the “holidays” already made me feel unhappy.

Kanata: “Winter” “dries” the skin easily, and yet I can’t “soak in water”.

Kanata: If the “pressure” keeps getting bigger, my mood will become more irritable and leads to a vicious cycle.

Chiaki: Indeed, I’m strictly reminding you that you’ll die if you soak yourself in this season. I understand that the pressure is huge, but I hope you’ll be patient.

Chiaki: Although I don’t understand how did you get dry skin, but where there's a will there's a way. (1)

Chiaki: Fighting evil is risky, but as long as you work alongside your partners, we can defeat even the strongest enemies!

Chiaki: So let’s fight together, Kanata!

Kanata: “The question” is why “pressure” the enemy that can’t be observed by the “naked eye”, Chiaki. (2)

Kanata: Although I’m unhappy, I have no other choice. It’s a “fact” that the “water” is very cold during “winter”.

Kanata: I’ll get lectured by Chiaki if I get “fever” again.

Kanata: Chiaki, are there any “jobs” commissioned to us? There’s no “dream festival” now, is it an “off-campus” “job”?

Chiaki: Oh, it’s not a job.

Chiaki: Hmm, Anzu should have already contacted us soon, should I explain first?

Midori: Anzu-senpai…? Chiaki-senpai, why did you involve Anzu-senpai in this too…?

Midori: If Anzu-senpai is involved, it must be a job…

Midori: Since “Starlight Festival” has already ended, I thought I can finally leisurely spend my New Year’s… How depressing… I want to jump off right now…

Shinobu: D-don’t touch the windows~! It’s freezing! The cold air has entered the room and it’s freezing us up! Brrrr.

Kanata: I think it feels nice to have “snowflakes” floating on the “face”~ ♪ I want to leap into the “pile of snow”…

Chiaki: Please don’t do that, you’ll really die! And you too Takamine! This isn’t a job, so don’t jump off the building!

Chiaki: Oh! Anzu’s message is here!

Chiaki: Mmhmm. Anzu’s management is good. I should hug her tightly later as thanks ☆

Midori: I’ve told you so many times that you’re harassing her…

Tetora: Taichou, what did anego say? I’m curious!

Chiaki: Looks like she has already reserved the revenue for our bounenkai, and she has gotten permission to use the restaurant as a venue for our MV shoot.

Chiaki: She will also negotiate with the student council for the budget.

Tetora: Bounenkai? MV? Hold up, taichou. What’s going on? Don’t just give us a vague description, explain from the start to us!

Chiaki: Oh, you’re right. I should thoroughly explain the whole matter to you guys.

Chiaki: Actually, I planned to have a bounenkai, with the restaurant downtown as the venue.

Chiaki: But Anzu said that’s the date of our photoshoot.

Chiaki: So while I was thinking of staggering the party, Anzu thought of an idea, so I left the planning to her…

Chiaki: Anzu has informed Keito of our plan and enlisted him to help with the arrangement, so we can have our bounenkai and MV shoot as the same place.

Chiaki: That’s the whole plan.

Tetora: I get it. Have you planned this bounenkai from the start?

Chiaki: Because you guys have worked really hard lately.

Chiaki: “Eve of the Eve Live" and “Starlight Festival” were pretty difficult, but you guys still worked hard til the end.

Chiaki: As a reward to everyone… Well, it’s a reward, but it’s just something small and sincere, nevertheless I still hope everyone will happily enjoy feasting together.

Chiaki: Her message says there’s no problem as long as the atmosphere of the shoot is happy. So everyone can just relax and be our usual selves.

Shinobu: Taichou-dono!~ ☆ So you’ve been thinking of us so much… ♪

Chiaki: Aw Sengoku, you must be happy to jump into my arms! Good boy, good boy… ♪

Midori: Chiaki-senpai, your phone dropped… Huh?

Chiaki: What’s wrong, Takamine? Why are you staring at the screen?

Midori: There’s more in the message.

Midori: UNDEAD’s shoot is today as well, and she’s asking us if it’s ok to do the shoot together with us.

Chiaki: Oh right, I’ve heard that UNDEAD plans to do their own MV shoot too.

Kanata: There’s Kaoru in UNDEAD~ And Rei too. I don’t mind at all.

Tetora: We’re familiar with UNDEAD too.

Tetora: We’ve talked before and they’re pretty good people, I approve of them. ♪

Midori: I don’t have any objection too…? After all, I don’t have any reason to absolutely object…

Shinobu: I used to avoid them because I thought they were scary, but you can’t judge people by their appearances. They turned out to be nice people. I don’t have any objection as well~ ♪

Chiaki: Ok, since everyone’s fine with it, I’ll inform Anzu now.

Midori: Morisawa-senpai, which downtown restaurant are you referring to…?

Chiaki: It’s a place that Anzu helped me choose. I’m sure you’ll like it when you see the restaurant for yourselves!

Chiaki: In short, we’ll be heading to that restaurant with UNDEAD. I’ll inform you guys of any news, so enjoy your winter break before that. That will be all, meeting dissolved!

Note: (1) The Chinese localisation uses the idiom 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧, which roughly means “As long as there’s a green mountain, one doesn’t have to fear of firewood shortage.”

(2) The Chinese wording seems a little confusing, it says 看来,怎么和【压力】这种无法用【肉眼】观测到的敌人作战是【多此一问】呢~千秋。Kanata’s logic is a little too weird for me to understand lol
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